PANDI BALT Ltd. is specialized in

  • Green Card claims settlement
  • 4D claims settlement
  • Assistance to Insurers in handling of any other type of vehicle insurance claims
  • Evaluation and calculation of losses
  • Arrangement of surveys of damaged vehicles and property
  • Arrangement of independent medical examinations of the injured persons
  • Legal services

One of the business fields of our company is representation of European insurance companies working in the MTPL insurance field and settlement of insurance claims falling under the Green Card agreements and Directive 2019/103/EC.

Notwithstanding the differences between the two mentioned regimes in the legislative control and legal status of the local representative of the insurance company, in both cases it is important to have a reliable partner in each member-state of the EEC and/or GC system who is experienced in handling MTPL insurance claims and familiar with local and international rules of law that regulate this type of insurance. 

In the status of the correspondent / claims representative of the insurance company we always perform our duties qualitatively and with high level of responsibility, engaging certified experts and other specialists when necessary. Our staff consist of qualified and experienced specialists, who will assist accordingly in solving your problems of any complexity degree. 

When handling claims of  local victims of road accidents, our main priority is to provide a swift, qualitative and complete settlement of claims. Although some cases are controversial whenever the victim and liable insurer have opposite opinions regarding the liability or calculation of losses, our personel works closely  with the insurer and negotiates the matter with the victim. We always try to reach an agreement between the parties and avoid long and expensive trials. The result of this work is a fair consideration of claims, successful  payment of reasonable and proven losses to the victims, and exclusion of unjustified losses and minimization of expenses of the insurer.   

Settling the claims in accordance with local law we also take into account local court’s practice and guidelines of local MIBs. In the matters where collision rules of law refer to application of foreign law, we strictly follow instructions of the liable insurers in questions of handling and settling the claims.

We arrange a representation of our Clients before the victims and third parties in state and municipal institutions, as well as at state courts.

In addition to settling of the GC/4D insurance claims we also provide such services for the insurance companies like: 

recovery of the insurance compensations from the local underwriters in regress order;

arrangement of independent expertises and surveys of vehicles and other property damaged in road accidents; 

arrangement of medical examinations and expertises; 

inspection and translation of documents confirming circumstances and road accidents and losses.

Years of MTPL insurance claims handling gave us expertise and knowledge in local laws, rules and specifics, which allow us to be a reliable partner for foreign Insurers working in the vehicle insurance business.

PANDI BALT Ltd. has established a network of representatives and branch offices stretching over the Baltic States. Our offices in Vilnius / Klaipeda (Lithuania), Riga / Liepaja / Ventspils (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia) secure provision of high level of services in all three countries. 

In cooperation with PANDI SERVICES J. & K. BRONS and with our Partners in the Ukraine and Russia, PANDI BALT Ltd. is able to assist Clients also in Germany, Ukraine and Russia.